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Our products

Clinical practice guidelines

Since 1989, the College has produced over 100 evidence-based guidelines covering almost 80% of conditions presented in primary care. The guidelines are regularly updated and modified based on recent developments.

Position papers

The College produces strategic papers to support and to strengthen primary care.

The Future Vision General Practice Care 2022 is a publication by the Dutch General Practitioner's Association and the Dutch College of General Practioners (NHG).

The Core Values of General Practice is also available in English.

Educational support for GPs

Educational tools and e-learning programs are developed based on the guidelines. In 2011, the College launched a website for consumers – Thuisarts.nl – presenting evidence-based health information. The website does not include any advertisements from pharmaceutical industry.

NHG Practice accreditation

The College provides practice accreditation according to quality criteria covering medical performance, practice organization and patient satisfaction.

Dutch scientific journal for GPs

The College has a monthly scientific journal – Huisarts en Wetenschap – which publishes original scientific articles, guidelines, educational papers and news from the College.