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De PiekFit app - een app voor mensen met (pre)diabetes

3 januari, 2017

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De PiekFit app - een app voor mensen met (pre)diabetes
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Changing mind and metabolism - the PeakFit app

Aim: to develop and evaluate a ResearchKit based app focussing on reduction of (fast) carbohydrates for people with prediabetes.

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Public Health & Primary Care
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Background/aim: In the Netherlands, about 750,000 people from 30 to 70 years have prediabetes. They have a great risk to develop type 2 diabetes (T2DM); one third develops T2DM within six years. Healthy eating and physical activity can reverse prediabetes and decrease the risk to develop T2DM. However, it is difficult to motivate people to change their lifestyle. Especially when people do not feel ill and do not see the need to improve their lifestyle. In addition, most lifestyle interventions focus on losing weight, which may be a disappointing outcome if it does not change quick enough. For people with prediabetes it is important to focus on reducing carbohydrates rather than on reducing of caloric intake. They need to get a different mind set regarding what is and what is not healthy.

We aim to develop a ResearchKit based app focussing on reduction of (fast) carbohydrates for people with prediabetes. The user registers nutritional intake and the app gives feedback on the use of carbohydrates. Products are ranked based on their glycemic index or glycemic load. In addition, tracks how someone feels with surveys and physical activity will be tracked. At present there is no available for prediabetes smartphone app currently in the Netherlands.

Data that people share will help to understand the association between diet and physical activity and well-being on the short term, and development of type 2 diabetes on the longer term. At the same time, the app provides personalized insights into how diet and physical activity relate to well-being.

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Medisch inhoudelijk
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Observationele cohortstudie
M.J. Kasteleyn
Senior onderzoeker
Andere betrokkenen: 

N.H. Chavannes, professor

M.E. Numans, professor

S.D. Huisman, psycholoog

T.N. Bonten, postdoc onderzoeker

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Tweede geldstroom; via NWO, KNAW of ZonMw
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Andere klinische afdeling eigen organisatie. Innovattic.
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App ontwikkelaars. Project onderdeel van het NFU e-Health programma